Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Choose a Location for The Development of Shrimp Farming Area?

Mangrove Forest
One function of mangrove forests as a buffer to maintain the shoreline in order to remain stable. Mangrove Forests can prevent sea erosion due to its ability in accelerating the expansion of land. On the other hand, the mangrove forest is also the most productive coastal ecosystems to be used as shrimp ponds. Especially for traditional pond.

In order for the construction of shrimp ponds can run and preservation of mangrove forests can be maintained it would require the construction of shrimp farms are environmentally sound. In selecting the location of the pond, things to note is the knowledge about the type of beach area that will serve as the location of shrimp farms.

Broadly speaking, land aquaculture can be divided into two fishponds are influenced by tidal (intertidal) and land ponds that are not influenced by tidal (supratidal). The hallmark of the intertidal area of ​​the flooded area during high tide would otherwise be bronzed and dry at low tide.

Intertidal Area
Intertidal area is generally covered by mangrove forest primary. If you want to build shrimp farms in the intertidal area, it is highly recommended in locations that are still brackish water. Despite the low productivity potential, but if its management is done well, especially the improvement of hydrological, then it can turn into a potential pond area.

Excess use of intertidal areas for pond construction site is in terms of income and expenditure of water that can be done by gravity. Especially for traditional farms that still use simple technology. When the tide, the water put into storage by opening the floodgates. Then at low tide gate was closed so that water can be accommodated for the flood embankment.

Supratidal Area
Supratidal area is an area that is not influenced by tides, but still can reach the highest high tide which usually happens once a year. Use of land for development in the region supratidal ponds require relatively high cost due to putting water into the pond needed additional equipment (pumps).

Cultivation is applied to this area should be done intensively in order to cover production costs are high. Intertidal area has the advantage on the clay soil texture, clay, and slightly sandy or a combination of all three. So when making this area of ​​the pond is completed, fry can be stocked directly without any risk of leakage.

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